The Risks of Continuing to Run Windows XP

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Many people ask us the following question so here we will explain it in detail: What is the risk of continuing to run Windows XP after its end of support date? One risk is that attackers will have the advantage over defenders who choose to run Windows XP because attackers will likely have more information about vulnerabilities in Windows XP …

adminThe Risks of Continuing to Run Windows XP

Malware and Ransomware 101

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MALWARE AND RANSOMWARE 101 by Lori Goodman – October 19, 2016 In our shop we see too many frustrated, angry people who’ve been ripped off by phony tech scams or by accidentally clicking on a link that bombarded their computer with malware, spyware or the worst: ransomware. Others are falling prey to heavily advertised programs that promise to scour, fix, …

Lori GoodmanMalware and Ransomware 101

Fan-tastic Computer

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The fans inside your computer are vital in keeping your system hardware cooled so it doesn’t overheat and destroy components.  The CPU or “thinking brain” of your computer is usually attached to a passive heat exchanging device called a heat sink that helps pull excess heat away from the CPU. The heat sink relies on a CPU fan to blow the heat away from the CPU. All of the …

Lori GoodmanFan-tastic Computer

Windows 10 Upgrade Information

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Here we go again, another Microsoft operating system upgrade. Windows 10 is here – now what? If you are currently running Windows 7 or 8 and your system is not experiencing any issues due to malware, virus infections, etc., then you should be able to upgrade without incident. Older operating systems like XP or Vista will require purchasing Windows 10 and a …

Lori GoodmanWindows 10 Upgrade Information

Windows 10 Upgrade

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Windows 10 is here and many of you are either thinking about upgrading or have already upgraded. The good news is if for some reason you want to revert back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you have 30 days to do so. So far we have tested this feature and it actually works.

adminWindows 10 Upgrade

Which Tablet Should I Buy?

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We have seen many devices come through the door including tablets of all makes, models and sizes. It’s easy to get confused about which one to buy. Here are a few things to consider before making your decision: 1.  What do you primarily plan to use the tablet for? If your answer is reading, playing games, communicating, watching Netflix, or “I don’t know”, …

Lori GoodmanWhich Tablet Should I Buy?

Booting Up and Shutting Down

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**Please note this version was written for Windows users** Recently a few people have asked us what booting up or powering down means. This article will explain the differences in plain English. If you own a computer or computing device like a phone, tablet, Kindle, laptop or desktop, you will benefit by utilizing the “power” behind rebooting – a simple yet important function of your computer, or …

Lori GoodmanBooting Up and Shutting Down

So you think your password is strong?

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The art of hacking (guessing) your password is fairly easy task for a malicious person with extra time on their hands. Here at All Systems Go we continue to see customers getting their passwords hacked. Please review the chart below and ask yourself this question: Is your password really strong enough? Keep in mind the time listed above is not …

adminSo you think your password is strong?

Another DOJ Scam

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Yesterday I went over a similar “Department of Justice” scam in some detail. This is a screenshot of another version of essentially the same scam. It came into the shop yesterday via someone’s compromised computer. He thinks he may have contracted the malware while surfing through car restoration websites. We are talking to people who have come across these scams and are trying …

Lori GoodmanAnother DOJ Scam